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The bowls shown here are typical of the bowls I create on a regular basis. At the time you view them, some may have been sold and some may still be available. However, I generally do my turning, more or less, in a series. Thus, for example, there may be two or three versions of each of the forms shown below. If you are interested in purchasing one of my pieces, and would like more information regarding prices, shipping, etc., please contact me via phone, e-mail or snail mail. To avoid confusion, please specify the item number when corresponding regarding one of the pieces. Please confirm that the art form you are interested in is still available before sending in your order.

And, of course, I can turn a bowl to order, should you want a duplicate of one of the bowls pictured below. Or, perhaps you would like a vessel turned from a treasured tree downed by storm or disease. For details re; custom orders, email me at Or, if you would like to visit our studio-gallery, please call or email and we will provide directions for getting here and date confirmation---so I am certain to be here when you arrive.

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'OLMA Circle'
Item Number: 23B
Price: $125.00

Box Elder, Carved Rim

Box Elder, Carved Rim
Item Number: 24B
Price: $85.00
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