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CORING BOWLS -- maximizing the wood

Since it all begins, and ends, with the wood, it is not surprising that woodturners try to get as much as possible from every stick of wood that comes into the studio. I believe it is safe to say that this was the case with the earliest woodturners; soon after the lathe was ‘born’. The idea is to get several bowls from a blank and not just one.

In short, instead of just chips coming out of the large bowl’s center, additional bowls are created. The procedure can be time-consuming but, compared to rough-turning multiple bowls from a number of blanks; it is a very effective use of time for the professional woodturner. And whether you are a professional or hobbyist, it also makes economical sense when you have laid out serious money for a blank.

On these pages we will discuss and show the basics of coring bowls along with some typical results. As a rule, when the bowls are cored from a highly-figured or exotic wood they usually are kept together and sold as a three or four-bowl set. However, when the wood being cored is of a blander variety, it makes sense to separate the bowls and sell and them individually. -- HW