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CORING BOWLS -- basic steps

Large oak burl, literally a woodturners
treasure, prepped and ready to be
chainsawed into turning blanks.

Oak Burl

Burl halved First cut halves the burl: the two pieces will now be cut
into at least four blanks.
A piece this heavy will spin off the lathe if
it is not held securely. Surest method is with
a faceplate, as shown here. Every screw hole is
utilized and filled with a hefty no. 12 screw; this
is not the place to be cheap with screws.
face plate
exterior Blank is mounted on the lathe and its exterior is
rough-turned. The 'foot' (or tenon) is also turned on
the bottom for attachment in the next step, where either
faceplate or scroll chuck will be used.
The first and smallest bowl is turned out.
Next, turning equipment is recalibrated so the
second bowl can be rough-turned. In this scenario,
the large bowl became the third bowl in the set.
first bowl
Three Bowls And then there were three. Next the bowls will
be marked with date, wood species, etc. then sealed
and set aside to dry out slowly for a minimum of at
least six months.