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Like most lathe artists I am happiest when turning an original art form; this is true whether I am working on a hollow form, vessel, bowl, platter or sculpture. There is no denying it, the challenge is renewed whenever I secure a wood blank on the lathe and begin to turn art from a block of wood—i.e., something from nothing. That said, the fact is that a woodturner must also create a some utilitarian work in order to meet expenses. But, just because a utility piece may pale by comparison with turned art forms, it doesn’t mean that the turner casts creativity aside. In fact, every turner I know will tell you that no matter project spinning on the lathe, it should be approached with the attitude that it, too, will be something special.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the utilitarian pieces shown on these pages, or would like to discuss ordering a custom piece, you can reach me via phone or email me at

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CakePedestalPine I produce about six cake stands a year and no two are ever exactly alike (making each an original). Cake pedestals are a popular item with visitors to our gallery and, if all are sold, I do create them on commission: price will vary, depending upon wood and style. Item Number: 1U   Price: $175.00 ChryBurlwsteelinsertBSmall vases like this are generally used to display a small bunch of dried flowers. Because this vase is fitted with a (water holding) stainless steel tube, it can also be used to display cut flowers. Turned from cherry burl, the vase has an abundance of interesting wood configuration with its swirls and wild grain. Item Number: 2U   Price: $90.00
rolling_pins_2006Hand-turned rolling pins are so attractive that many buyers tell us they spare them from kitchen duties, preferring instead, to display them on a kitchen wall. They can be used like an ordinary rolling pin; this type pin is similar to those used by the Shakers. Some are turned from solid wood, others from laminated boards which creates a multi-color pin.
Item Number: 3U   Price: $35.00
Harrys_wands.Here is something 'magical' for kids of all ages---- "Harry’s Wands", from the lathe of Harry Wicks. I turn these from a variety of woods and use all kinds of child-safe, magical-looking finishes on them, even pyrography. No two are alike; thus, assuring that each magician has his own particular wand. Item Number: 4U   Price: $21.00
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