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Like most lathe artists I am happiest when turning an original art form; this is true whether I am working on a hollow form, vessel, bowl, platter or sculpture. There is no denying it, the challenge is renewed whenever I secure a wood blank on the lathe and begin to turn art from a block of wood—i.e., something from nothing. That said, the fact is that a woodturner must also create a some utilitarian work in order to meet expenses. But, just because a utility piece may pale by comparison with turned art forms, it doesn’t mean that the turner casts creativity aside. In fact, every turner I know will tell you that no matter project spinning on the lathe, it should be approached with the attitude that it, too, will be something special.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the utilitarian pieces shown on these pages, or would like to discuss ordering a custom piece, you can reach me via phone or email me

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Walnut_Bowl_with_5_Bosc_Pears"Still Life: Bosc Pears in a Walnut Bowl"; Currently I have six fruit 'still life' pieces in various stage of development. These make a wonderful coffee or dining table centerpiece certain to stimulate conversation.
Item Number: 5U   Price: $225.00
Cherryw_glasstubeThis vase is another from the series of wooden vessels that hold water for cut flowers. Like its smaller cousin (--2U), this vase was carefully turned from a cherry burl so all occlusions and nature’s imperfections would be left intact. You can put cut flowers in this vase as it is fitted with a glass tube.
Item Number: 6U   Price: $90.00
Red_OnionsI created these 'onions' from an assortment of woods and my wife, Maureen, expertly strings them on raffia, thus allowing them to be hung from a hook in the kitchen. Some onions are left natural, some are painted red or green. A bunch contains five onions.
Item Number: 7U   Price: $85.00
Mushrooms_w_driftwoodTo heighten appeal, these 'mushrooms' were turned from a variety of woods. I observed that the mushrooms growing about our property kind of all look alike yet, slightly different. So my idea was to create a still life which triggers that reaction. No paint was used on the mushrooms so all various wood grains show---i.e., all the same, yet each different. Item Number: 8U   Price: $95.00
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