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A question frequently asked by visitors to our gallery is, "What is the difference between a platter and shallow bowl?" In simplest terms, Bowls have larger, deeper wells while Platters have a shallow profile and straightforward simplicity. Although I have, on occasion, created platters in the classic style (see Cocobolo platter), my preference is to create my Platters with flaring rims and understated decorative effect. Platters are the perfect way for a woodturner to utilize attractive wood which is too thin for turning either a Bowl or Hollow Form. It is not all that uncommon to get a blank sufficient for turning several platters. When this occurs, I often do several platters which, at first glance, appear similar but, closer inspection will reveal subtle variations.

And, be advised that a platter can be turned using wood supplied by the client---you. Should you want to order a custom-turned Platter, I would have to first inspect the wood to ensure it being usable for what you would like. For details re; custom orders, email me Or, if you would like to visit our studio-gallery, please call or email and we will provide directions for getting here and date confirmation---so I am certain to be here when you arrive.

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Ironwood PLatterIronwood platter with waterfall and textured rim will be a conversation piece when placed on your coffee table. Fill its bowl with colorful beads or stones or, if you are inclined toward the functional, fill with colorful wrapped hard candies. 10 dia. x 1-1/2H. Item Number: 11P   Price: $150.00 Cherry Plate With TextureOftentimes, carving and painting are utilized in a turning to emphasize the wood's beauty. Here the lovely cherry grain, at center, is highlighted by a rim carefully carved to create heavy texturing before finishing with a satin finish. Item Number: 2P   Price: $225.00
Classic PlatterThis is the classic platter shape; a design that professional woodturners have favored for more than 100 years. Its beauty comes from simplicity of design---a clean-line platter resting upon an unadorned pedestal. I could not resist the urge to create a platter in this shape and felt Cocobolo was the perfect wood to do it with.
Item Number: 3P   Price: $195.00
Poplar Textured PlatterThis Platter was created from a handsome section of Poplar log. As evidenced by the lovely wood grain pattern. Its textured rim is framed by the beads shaped on inner and outer rim circumferences. Platter is waxed and buffed to a lustrous satin finish. App. 10-1/2 x 1.75:H.
Item Number: 12P   Price: $175.00
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