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The lathe has been part of the human experience for a very long time: We know that humans spooned their food from wooden bowls for several thousand years. Man finally reasoned there must be a better way, than scraping out with a stone, to shape wood from a log. And, eventually, the first lathe was born. From then to now, the lathe has evolved into a superb instrument which now makes it possible for man to turn both beautiful art and useful items.

Woodturning artists can and do go in all aesthetic directions these days; sometimes it seems that new ideas are without limit. For example, early turnings when completed had their bottom surfaces simply covered with felt (to hide the holes left from the work-holding screws). Today, we have techniques and methods which permit careful decoration and finishing of the bottom of the piece. As a result, all surfaces are equal in today's turned art.

As long as nature continues to give woodturners beautiful woods, and especially large burls loaded with 'nature's artwork', occlusions, bark inclusions, insect infestations and more----new forms will appear which both the turner and viewer will revel in. I know I will never tire of the challenge of creating sculpted art from a burl.

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Blue Moon

This piece of art was born while I explained the term, “blue moon “ to one of my granddaughters. Because of that talk with Katie, I selected white oak from the stack in the barn and went to work. I worked up several sketches before settling upon the design you see here. Once turning and carving were completed, dyes and oils were applied to achieve the "Blue Moon". Item Number: 1S   Price: $350.00

cherry w/ occl and pyrogI believe creating free forms is an exhilarating challenge to a one’s skills. Admittedly, the idea of creating something pretty from an unusual piece of wood can be intimidating. But, happily, once a creative idea takes hold, there is no stopping. Here my intent was to leave the blank's perimeter as it came from the ax and to emphasize it by ebonizing the textured basket weave pattern.
Item Number: 2S   Price: $190.00
Columbia 20103

I was at work in my studio on that terrible February day in 2003 when we lost seven of our brave astronauts. The next day I began work on “Columbia 20103" a sculptured hanging dedicated to their memory. Turned of cherry burl, there are seven textures applied to its surface, each one representing one of the perished astronauts.
Item Number: 3S   Price: $750.00

Cherry Free FormThis abstract free form was turned cherry with beautiful graining. Its angled, partial rim is in perfect balance with the bowl proper. Though very handsome standing alone, its delicate beauty is magnified grouped with other, complimentary free forms. The elegant cherry wood is enhanced by the oil finish and buffing it received. Item Number: 4S   Price: $250.00
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