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For want of a better word, I gathered this collection of art under the heading, "Vessels". The grouping includes pieces which I felt didn't quite fit under one of the other five headings. The work kind of suggested its own category. In some instances, the piece may contain an element or two often found in one of the other categories -----for example, bowl, hollow form or platter. In general, the Vessels grouping consists of mostly open forms however, in some cases an ornamental element, i.e., a finial, has been added. Such elements are added only if and when I believe that doing so enhances the piece.

The majority of my turnings are created using wood from local trees growing right here, on Long Island's North Fork. A list of the species would include maple, cherry, walnut, Osage orange and occasionally, a fruitwood such as apple or pear. No matter the wood type, each is treated with the same attention given all woods which find their way to my studio.

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Small Vessel With BeadsThis is another in the series of turnings intended to duplicate the appearance of an ancient vessel. Turned from a cherry burl, the natural occlusions were left intact to emphasize the aged look. Three beads were formed around its outer circumference to separate smooth and occluded surfaces. About 2-3/4” d. x 3-1/2”H. Item Number: 12V   Price: $65.00 Swirl spltd MapleThis vessel is a carved pot but, with a twist (pun intended). Titled, "Swirl", the vessel is hollowed out to produce a thin wall; however, as the wall nears the base it gets heavier to ensure against tip-over. The carved shapes are intended to evoke thoughts of leaves, grass or wherever the viewer’s imagination takes him.
Item Number: 6V   Price: $325.00
White Oak W/BarkSince I feel that white oak works well for duplicating an aged look, this burl became the third piece in the series. The bark was retained to have the rim give a crown-like effect. The wormholes are the icing on the cake; position the vessel on a window shelf so sunlight can play through these imperfections and 'dance' on an opposite wall.. Approx. 3-1/4” dia. x 4” H.
Item Number: 13V   Price: $75.00
Maple Private CollectionThough somewhat larger than 'Lunar', this vessel is basically of the same form as its smaller cousin. The wood is hard maple with pencil-line spalt running throughout; i.e., those black lines were put in the wood by nature, not the artist. Happily, at this writing we have several vessels in this genre available at our studio. This piece is in a private collection ($375.00).--8V
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